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It is about love. The endless love of a pit bull heart, huge as no earth limits can stop, this is why it cannot be seen, only felt. Although when you look into the eyes of a loving pit bull, you will feel the power that takes you away into happiness.

Pit bulls make happiness. No, they are not dangerous, they are too loving. It is the politicians making wars which say pit bulls are dangerous, which are.

The book gives you an insight into the soul of a pit bull, a hero by birth. It lets you know about hero pit bulls, about a pit bull who saved his love from a shark, three nuns who enteredone day death row of a shelter to save a pit bull and a pit bull having b e e n saved by a policeman from a dog fighting ring, and became a police officer himself.

But it is about so much more, about the secrets of life pit bulls have solved by loving, and it reveils the t r u t h about dog fights. It is never the fault of the dogs, it is the falseness of the inhuman.

“Dog” fights are in fact human fights. The inhuman is only too much of a coward to fight himself. Dogs do not want to fight. I let you know why , and also why saved dogs from fighting rings are still too good. I bring the proof.

It is about how happy pit bull make you and that a pit bull named Arielle gave me all. She was the best being I ever had the honor to meet.

Pit bulls are unifies. They love all and everybody, and they are absolute useless as defense dogs for a house therefore. But they would for sure defend y o u if you were in danger,and that is exactly how it should be, but better. Pit bulls exceed all you can wish for and fulfill what you never dared to want for yourself: Pit bulls make you happy!

No human can make you happy, you must be happy yourself and can share happiness with a human. A pit bull makes you happy. That´s just the way it is.
Arielle showed life a lesson how to be joyful all the time.

The best about the book is not only that you learn a lot, and feel even more, but that it does not only help you: It helps Humans and pit bulls and their friends because Arielle included everything. What she loved was so important to her.

So it is to me.

I wrote the books in Arielle´s sense, with her help from heaven. She had to leave her beautiful body on this earth, but she spread her soul accross the world and took it with her into eternity because it did not fit, her love is too much for life here, it is made for no boundaries of a planet.

I have been knowing great people, and better animals, but Arielle is the one that showed love love.


“An insight into the soul of a pit bull, a hero by birth”


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